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Efcon® Water is specialized in the development & production of stationary wastewater samplers and the integration of these samplers in wastewater billing installations. Nowadays our knowledge and products are applied from Brasil to Tasmania. The main market is Europe.

In order to meet the customer demand for strong and chemical resistant enclosures, Efcon® Water introduced a new production procedure for thermoplastic cabinets. It soon became clear that this material offered superior advantages over conventional steel products and it increased the sales for our patented enclosures significantly. Today most competitors follow in applying plastics. They follow, Efcon® leads.

In addition to qualitative enclosures, our customers also wish to choose from various sampling techniques, worldwide applied electronics and optional equipment such as Electro Magnetic Flowmeters, Wastewater Pumps & Pits, Water Levels Sensors etc. In these areas Efcon® built a complete product range.


The Efcon team is expanding. We are currently searching for: 

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Until January 01- 2014, the company named ‘AVM' (Afvalwatertechniek Verkroost Maarssen)’ produced and sold Efcon® products (Effluent Control). Efcon® was used as a product brand name.

Nowadays AVM is only producing Efcon® samplers and Efcon Water b.v. sells & services Efcon® products.

Efcon® Water B.V.
World wide sales of Efcon® products (& services within the Benelux).

Production of Efcon® wastewater samplers.

More information?
Call +31 347 342 777 or E-mail to info@avm-efcon.nl.


Holland & Belgium
Efcon® Water b.v. offers specific service and on-site support within The Netherlands & Belgium. Check the Dutch Service Datasheet (NED) for more information.

Europe & World Wide
Throughout Europe several specialised distributers of Efcon® products can support customers for an optimal end-user experience. Get in first contact with one of these distributors via Efcon® Water.

Check the International version of our Service Datasheet (ENG)

More information about the service possibilities in your country?
Call +31 347 342 777 or E-mail to info@avm-efcon.nl.


Wastewater Samplers Datasheets
Efcon®omy Wastewater Samplers Datasheet
Efcon Industrial Wastewater Sampler Datasheet
Efcon Special Projects Wastewater Sampling Datasheet
Efcon Carrybox Vacuum Waste Water Sampler Datasheet
Efcon Carrybox Peristaltic Waste Water Sampler Datasheet

Sampling Techniques Datasheets
Vacuum Sampler Datasheet
Inline Guillotine Sampler Datasheet

Jazz and Vision PLC Datasheet
Jazz & Vision Datasheet

Optional Equipment Datasheets 

Electro Magnetic Flowmeters
Wastewater Pumps and Pits
Water Level Sensor

Optional Equipment Manuals
Manual Electro Magnetic Flowmeter (EMF)

Service Datasheets (ENG & NED)
Efcon Water Service Datasheet (ENG)
Efcon Water Service Datasheet (NED)

Manuals (ENG)
Manual with Jazz Controller
Manual with Vision Controller
Manuals with Siemens Logo Controller (old type 2014)

Handleidingen (NED)
Handleiding Efcon®omy & Carrybox met Jazz Controller
Handleiding Efcon® Industrial met Jazz Controller
Handleiding met Vision Controller
Handleidingen met Siemens Logo Controller (oud type 2014)

Menu Structure Jazz (Vision will be online soon)
Menu Structure Jazz Controller



Efcon® Water ontwikkelt, produceert en installeert complete afvalwater meet- en monstername stations. In de Benelux worden Efcon® producten rechtstreeks in de markt verkocht. Lees meer >
AVM betreut Seine Efcon® Kunden in Niederländisch und Englisch. Informationen in weiteren Fremdsprachen erfolgen durch die lokalen Reprasentanten der entsprechenden Lander. Nehmen Sie bitte mit Efcon® Kontakt auf, damit wir fur Sie den Kontakt zu den lokalen Reprasentanten herstellen.
AVM est une entreprise bilinque anglais et allemand. Toute Efcon® information, dans une autre langue que l’anglais et l’allemand, peut etre communiqué par la societe qui represente Efcon® dans votre pays. Sur demande, nous pouvons vous mettre en contact direct avec cette societe. S'il vous plaît nous contacter pour plus d'informations.



At this moment Efcon® Water has multiple specialised distributors in Europe. Get in first contact with one of these specialists via Efcon® Water.

Interested to become a member of the Efcon® family?
Call +31 347 342 777 or E-mail to info@avm-efcon.nl.


A wide range of customers troughout the globe make use of Efcon® Water products. Nowadays our knowledge and products are applied from Brasil to Tasmania and from Norway to South Africa.

Efcon Water does business with a wide range of water using industrial sectors :
• Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)
• Power plants 
• R&D projects 
• Electrical Industry
• Food Industry
• And more...