Hydrostatic Water Level Sensor

Hydrostatic water level sensor for a.o. wastewater pump control. Water levels from 0 to 2000 mm can be set for ideal pump activation.


  • Ensure the measured media is compatible with the contacting materials of the water level sensor
  • Also pay attention to media density in the measurement
  • Maintenance should be done by qualified personnel
  • Wear protective gloves during maintenance
  • Clean the water level sensor with a wetted cloth, without applying pressure to the membrane inside the probe. The membrane can be damaged when the protective cap is removed

Dowload the Efcon® Water Level Sensor Datasheet (PDF) to discuss it with your colleagues via e-mail or a printed version.


  • Mount the water level sensor in a fixed place, avoid sideways movements, these can lead to incorrect measurements
  • Shield the level sensor from foreign solid object in the measured medium
  • Do not bend the wire in a radius
  • When shortening the wire, ensure the referential tube is open on the end side
  • Ensure the cable ends in a proper terminal housing with air compensation filter

PRICES ± € 414,- 

A standard Efcon® water level sensor start at € 414,-. Obviously there is a range of options possible. Please contact us for distribution agreements.

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Efcon® Water offers full support with annual service and on site support in The Netherlands & Belgium. Throughout Europe we support several specialised distributers. Spare parts are in stock at our distributers but can also be shipped globally with UPS, DHL, Fedex etc.

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At this moment Efcon® Water has multiple specialised resellers in Europe. For interest to become a member of the Efcon® family please contact us.

More information?
Call +31 347 342 777 or E-mail to 



Call +31 347 342 777 or E-mail to info@avm-efcon.nl.


Article code EFCON LEVEL PS2-7.5
Principe Piezzo Resistive Pressure Sensor
Measuring range 0 to 2000 mm
Max depth 2xFS
Weight 500 g
Dimensions probe Ø26 x 125mm
Cable length 7,5 meter (optional 15 mtr)
Output 4-20 mA
Supply voltage 15-28 VDC
Protection rating IP 68
Operating temp. -10° to 60°C
Wetted parts SS 1Cr18Ni9Ti
O-Ring Viton
Casing Rubber NBR
Accuracy 0,5% FS
Zero thermal drift ± 0.025% FS/°C max.


Our water level sensors are often sold in combination with submersible wastewater pumps and pits. Learn more about these products on the Wastewater Pumps and Pits Page or dowload the Efcon® Wastewater Pumps Datasheet (PDF) to discuss it with your colleagues via e-mail or a printed version.

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