"Patented, Extremely Robust, Chemical Resistent and Stable Thermoplastic Enclosures"

  • Efcon®omy Wastewater Samplers

    Cost effective and most commonly used sampling solutions for WWTP.

    Acc. EN ISO 5667-2/3/10

  • Efcon® Industrial Wastewater Sampler

    Customized sampling solutions with large sample containers.

    Acc. EN ISO 5667-2/3/10

  • Efcon® Waste Water Sampling Specials

    Proces integrated samplers in complete enclosures with additional equipment.

  • Efcon® Carrybox Waste Water Sampler

    Wall mounted Vacuum or Peristaltic sampling solutions.

    Acc. EN 16479  /  ISO 5667

"Efcon Water uses a variety of Wastewater Sampling Techniques"

  • Vacuum Sampler

    Heavy Duty Vacuum Sampler with high suction speed for open channels and rivers.

    Acc. EN 16479, EN ISO 5667 and
    NEN 6600-1

  • Inline Guillotine Sampler

    Heavy Duty In Line Guillotine Sampler for untreated wastewater or sludge water.

    Acc. EN ISO 5667 & NEN 6600-1

  • Peristaltic Sampler

    9 mm Peristaltic Suction Sampler. Not allowed for billing purposes in the Netherlands!

    Acc. EN 16479 & EN ISO 5667

  • Inline ILS 2W and 3W

    In Line Ball Valve Samplers type ILS2W & ILS3W. Discover the possibilities.

    Acc. EN ISO 5667 & NEN 6600-1

"Discover our Flowmeters, Pumps, Pits and Level Sensors"

  • Electro Magnetic Flowmeters

    Electro Magnetic Flowmeter (EMF). PTFE Lining, Outputs & Display.

  • Special Flowmeter Applications

    Custom Made Flowmeters. Electro Magnetic and Bubble Tube.

  • Wastewater Pumps and Pits

    Stainless Steel Submersible Lightweighted Wastewater Pumps.

  • Hydrostatic Water Level Sensor

    Hydrostatic water level sensor for wastewater pump control.

Efcon Water (Netherlands), manufacturer and distributor of wastewater samplers

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To monitor wastewater, Efcon® Water uses various optional equipment besides its wastewater samplers: Electro Magnetic Flow MetersSpecial FlowmetersWastewater Pumps & Pits and Water Level Sensors.

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